MODL App FAQs - booking clients

As a booking client looking to find the best model for your campaign, you may have some questions about using MODL App. Here are the answers.

How does MODL work?

If you're looking for a professional model for your next shoot, we've made the process simple and intuitive. Simply navigate to "book a model" and the step-by-step process makes it easy to complete your brief and submit it for approval. Watch the video below and, for more details, read the "how it works" page.

How to book a model using our booking platform:

How MODL app works

Are all your models professional and agency-signed?

Yes. We understand that for booking clients, the quality of models is of paramount importance. That’s why we have strict verification criteria for the models who are eligible for your briefs. All models have had to demonstrate they have been regularly paid for modelling work and are signed by a reputable modeling agency.

This means MODL is able to provide booking clients the same high-quality models they’d have access to should they book through an agency. The difference is that the app provides a quick and transparent selection and booking process and reduced fees.


Which agencies are your models signed to?

Our models are on the books of dozens of the UK’s top modelling agencies including Storm, Models One, Nevs, and MOT amongst other regional agencies across the UK. Many of our models are represented by several top agencies. We only verify models who demonstrate they're with a reputable agency with a track record of delivering professional models to paid shoots. We do not accept model listing sites or rogue agencies for verification.

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Is this just like a profile site with loads of amateur models?

Not at all.

MODL is not a free-for-all model listing website. We don't believe it's valuable for businesses to work with inexperienced, amateur models. At the same time, we believe professional models shouldn't be listed on sites where their own value is reduced. MODL verifies each and every model that uploads a profile by cross-referencing their profiles on an existing agency's website.


How does the payment structure work?

You decide the day rate and usage payment for the job. You need to offer competitive fees as all of our models are professional and accustomed to agency rates. All models set the minimum day rate they'd accept and models will reject jobs if they feel the rate is too low. MODL simply charges a 9.6% fee on top of this, as well as a 2.9% booking fee, which we are charged by our secure payment system provider (but we're working on eliminating this!). 


Why can’t I scroll through the models on the platform?

We believe that the only models you should take your time looking at, are the ones who have already declared themselves available for your shoot.

Our database of models covers millions of combinations of searches, which means we'll provide you with a great selection of professional models for your brief who are willing and able to work it.


When can I see the models?

You’ll be able to see all the models who mark themselves as available for your job. As soon as a model responds positively to your availability request, they will appear in your booking dashboard. This all happens in real time. You’ll then be able to see all their vital statistics and scroll their portfolios before making your final decision.


How does your payment pre-approval work?

Just like Uber, AirBnB and a host of other platforms, MODL uses a pre-approval payment system to remove risk for you and the model.

MODL App facilitates payment through Stripe, a third party payment system which authorises payment when you submit a job brief. You will not pay anything unless you actually go ahead and book a model.

Pre-approval of payment saves you time, but demonstrates to the model that you are legitimate and serious about the job, so that the model is at no risk of not receiving payment. Given that a model knows they are being paid for a job within seven days (not three months, as is the tradition), there is all the more reason for a model to be prompt and perform well on your shoot.


How long after my job brief is submitted will it be approved?

If you have completed all of the details required, your criteria identifies an appropriate pool of models, and you have offered an appropriate fee for the shoot and usage, approval usually occurs within 30 minutes.

After your first successful booking, future briefs may be approved within five minutes.


How long after my job brief is approved will I get model responses?

Models fitting the brief will be sent push notifications immediately. This means you’re likely to receive the first responses with a few minutes of the availability request going live. Depending on how many model suit your requirements, you will have a good pool of models to select from within 30 minutes.


When can I book a model?

You can book a model as soon as you see one that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can wait until you have responses from the majority of models in your selection (usually 24 hours). This means you can book a model with minutes of receiving your first responses if you wish.

After 48 hours, all models that are yet to declare themselves as available will be marked as 'declined' so you have a final list to choose from at this point. Feel free to take your time making a decision, showing colleagues or the client your shortlist.

We recommend placing your booking as soon as possible in order to reduce the risk of the model taking another job. If the job is at short notice (less than a week's time, for example), we recommend confirming the booking within 24 hours of submitting the job to give models sufficient time to make arrangements.


Why don't you have a castings function?

MODL App is specifically for jobs that you’re happy to cast from portfolios and polaroids. Castings require a lot of resource from both the clients’ and models’ side and there is a trend away from in-person castings especially for stills.


I don’t have a date for my shoot yet, can I send an availability request for several dates?

MODL makes it so quick and easy to find the perfect model, there’s no need to scope out potential agencies and models months in advance of your job. The model should be the final piece of your puzzle when it comes to delivering an effective marketing campaign or product shoot.

Therefore, MODL does not permit you to send a request for a range of dates. You must have a shoot date confirmed before submitting a job to MODL.


I need to book multiple models for the same job, can I use the app? 

Yes! If you’re looking for more than one model who fits the same brief, simply select two or more models from the list of available models.

If the brief for each model is different, e.g. you need a male and female model, simply put the job through as separate briefs.


I am an agent; can I use the app? 

Absolutely. We have several agencies signed up to use the app, benefiting from access to our entire database of models and our unique search and booking tool. This enables agencies to manage bookings incredibly quickly and efficiently and they simply add their management fee on top of MODL fees to the client.


Can I book actors, extras, presenters or dancers through the app?

Many of the models on the platform have acting and presenting experience and have an array of skills including dancing. You can stipulate which of these traits are crucial for your job and models with those associated skills and experience will be suggested. Remember, you’ll be able to review all available models’ portfolio and skills section before making your selection.


What if I don’t want to book any of the models who are available?

In our approval process, we ensure that your brief should provide you with enough options to find a suitable model for your shoot. If, for whatever reason, you do not wish to book one of these models for your shoot, you will not be charged. You are under no obligation to book the models who declare themselves available for your job.

Simply let us know you don't wish to book any of the models and we can release the models.


Is the app secure?

As a digital platform, security of your data is extremely important to us. We use an SSL certificate to ensure that messages sent between MODL App and our servers are secure and encrypted. If you provide your sort code and account number to us then we also securely encrypt this information using both server and per-user keys. If you pay models in the app as a booker then the whole payment process is handled using Stripe and conforms to stringent PCI-compliant standards. Also, and it should go without saying, if you know what this means: we do not store passwords in our databases as plain text, they are all hashed using a per-user ‘salt’ so they're kept safe.


What if I need to cancel or rearrange my shoot? 

If you need to cancel or rearrange a shoot before you have chosen to book a model, simply contact us and we will be able to change the details in the availability request or cancel the booking.

If at any point after booking your model(s) you need to cancel a shoot, you may be entitled to a refund in line with our cancellation policy. This means if you do it in good time, enough that a model could feasibly find work to replace that booking, you will only be required to pay the MODL and processing fees (a total of 12.5%).

If you are able to rearrange the shoot within 48 hours using the same model, no additional fees are required.


Do I need to get models to sign release forms?

No. The image usage requirements you outline in the job brief submitted on MODL is agreed to at the point the model confirms the booking. This means that you, as the booking client, have a contractual right to use the images as specified in the job brief the model accepted. However, should you or your client wish to use the images outside of this usage range, you are liable to remunerate the model proportionately.

If you would like the model to sign additional release forms, for your peace of mind or that of your client, you must give prior warning to the model. It is unfair to give a model a legally binding contract on the day of the shoot without them having a chance to read it, prior. Please do not attempt to change the level of usage a model is agreeing to from that which was agreed at the point of booking.


If you have any more questions use the contact form to get in touch.

All models are experienced and agency-signed,

ensuring you get the best possible outcome from your shoot.