MODL App FAQs - models

As a model using MODL App to manage your modelling career, you may have some questions about using MODL App. Here are the answers.

How does MODL work?

MODL is a model booking platform, bringing businesses and professional models closer together. We've built the platform to be as simple and intuitive for models and booking client, alike. A client enters a brief on the MODL App site and, after their job is approved, the models fitting that brief will be sent a push notification, notifying them of that availability request. You simply mark yourself available or unavailable for the job. if you're available, the booking client will be able to see your profile and portfolio in order to make a booking decision. Once booked, you'll receive more detailed information about the job, be able to contact your booker through the app, and you'll be paid within seven days of completing the job.

For more details and a video, read the how it works page.


Are models required to pay any fees?

No. MODL is absolutely free for models to use. Free to download, free to complete a profile and there are no fees for taking jobs. All our commission is charged to the client, on top of your fee - just 12.5%, so the highest proportion of the fee possible goes to you. We don't ask for any card details; only your sort code and account number so you can be paid (and you can leave these blank until you've been booked for a job if you wish).


What can a client see of my profile?

Until you declare yourself available for a job, a client won’t see anything of you or your profile. You’re just a number; someone who fits their brief. We do not permit clients to scroll models until they have submitted an approved brief. 

Once you declare yourself available to work the job, your profile becomes available to the client. They’ll be able to see your vital statistics, your portfolio and the number of MODL points you have. They will not see your MODL rank or status. Again, the video on how it works page may help.


How quickly do I need to respond to availability requests?

We highly recommend responding to availability requests as quickly as possible because clients are able to see responses in real time. The majority of models declare their availability within one hour of the job being submitted.

We recommend updating your MODL portfolio to suit the brief before you declare your availability. Ensure there are relevant shots the client can see so they can envisage you in their shoot.

You must respond within 48 hours of the availability request or the job will automatically be declined. This is so we are able to provide booking clients a final list of available models in a reasonable time frame.


How does payment work?

MODL App facilitates payment through Stripe, a third party payment system. Like many online platforms, booking clients will pay for modelling services when the model has been confirmed for the work. This not only saves the booking party time but demonstrates to the model that they are legitimate and serious about the job, so that the model is at no risk of not receiving payment.


When do I get paid?

Models will receive full payment for the job within 7 days after the job is confirmed as completed. Clients pay for your services when they confirm your booking and these funds are held in a Stripe account. This means MODL releases your fee once the job is complete. We also email you an invoice with the job details on for your accounts.

This is amazing, we know.


What does the minimum day/half-day rate mean and how does it work? 

Some models have a general rule for the minimum fee they will accept for a day or a half day booking. This may be based on experience or how busy they are with work. In general, more experienced and busy models will set higher rates, excluding them from jobs that do not meet this value. The day and half day rates take into account usage payment.

Booking clients will be prompted to increase the fee offered if their results are restricted by the fee entered.


How is usage calculated and paid?

Booking clients are given a list of standard usage bands to choose from as well as advanced settings. This makes everything easier to understand from all sides.

The usage the client has selected will be made clear to the model at the availability check stage and it is down to the model to decide whether they are happy with the payment offered.  Note, clients with small budgets may request a full buyout included in the day rate – it is up to you whether this is acceptable or not.


What are MODL points and how do I earn them?

MODL points help you distinguish yourself as a professional model. You are awarded MODL points for a number of different actions you take, including optimising your profile, replying promptly to availability requests and referring model friends. The more points you have, the higher you may appear in search results and may be more likely to be confirmed on a job.


How does the rating system work?

Upon completion of your job, bookers and models have the opportunity to rate each other. This process helps inform models about their experience with clients and helps models earn a great reputation through their rating. With a host of five-star ratings, models will be very appealing to potential clients.


How do I know clients are legit?

Every booker that creates an account on MODL undergoes a basic legitimacy test to ensure they are a real person or a real company. Remember, booking clients will have paid before the job begins, so there’s no danger of them not paying so they'll be simply looking to get the most from their shoot.


Is the app secure?

As a digital platform, security of your data is extremely important to us. We use an SSL certificate to ensure that messages sent between MODL App and our servers are secure and encrypted. If you provide your sort code and account number to us then we also securely encrypt this information using both server and per-user keys. The whole payment process is handled using Stripe and conforms to stringent PCI-compliant standards. Also, and it should go without saying, if you know what this means: we do not store passwords in our databases as plain text, they are all hashed using a per-user ‘salt’ so they're kept safe.


I have not been verified as a model, what gives?

We verify models on a weekly basis. If you’ve not had your profile completed for more than a week, you may be verified in the next round.

We maintain the highest possible standard of models on MODL App. Our booking clients expect fully professional, experienced and agency-signed models to fulfill their job brief. Check this page for what we need to see before you can be verified.


I have been verified as a model, but I have not received any availability requests, what gives? 

If you have not provided your date of birth, we cannot send you availability requests. This is (a) because we need you to verify you are 18 years of age and (b) so you are selected for the right briefs. 

If you have completed your date of birth and are verified, you have simply fallen outside the clients’ brief criteria. But don’t worry; it is just a matter of time before they look for you. Ensure you have your notifications set to “on” so you receive a push when you’re requested.


If I say I’m available for a job, but become unavailable in the meantime, what happens if a client confirms me?

Once a client confirms you for a job, you must then confirm that booking one last time before you are booked in. This means if something has come up in the meantime or you’ve changed your mind on it, you can simply decline and the client will select another model. There will be no penalty for this, although you will earn model points (and your fee!) for each job you complete through the app.


Can I take direct bookings through the app?

Yes, you can. This is what the “request a payment” feature is for. Simply enter the email address of the client and enter the fee for the job. The client will then receive a notification and an invitation to pay. This takes all the risk of not being paid on time (or at all) from direct bookings out of the equation. 


How many, and what kind of pictures should I add to my portfolio? 

We recommend having some polaroid images, including a full-length shot, and a straight and profile headshot. Ensure these are recent images reflecting your current hairstyle and colour, facial hair and skin tone. 

Working shots as well as any shots that demonstrate a particular skill or specialty e.g. horse riding; pole dancing, teeth and hands should be included. Any big campaigns you’ve done also demonstrate to clients you have high-level experience. High-quality test shots that show a range of looks are also perfect.

We recommend that you have around 20 images in your portfolio, all of which should be from the last two years.


Who are the clients using the platform? 

There is a broad range of clients using the platform already. Many of these are photographers who book models for their e-commerce shoots, for example, marketing and production agencies, as well as businesses themselves, who book models directly for their campaigns.


I’m having technical issues with the app, what shall I do?

Having problems responding to availability requests? Make sure you have the latest version of the app and then manually reboot it on your phone.

Having any problems updating your profile? Open your app, navigate to settings, click ‘refresh app data’ and then go back to edit your profile. We have a team of geeks working on MODL App all the time so if you do spot an issue with the app let us know and we will fix it as fast as possible.


Do I need to sign release forms for the job usage? 

The image usage requirements are outlined in every brief submitted on MODL. By confirming a job booking on MODL, you are agreeing to your image being used in this way. This means that the booking client the right to use the images as specified, but usage above and beyond that would require additional payment.

Therefore, additional release forms do not need to be signed. However, some clients are likely to insist on having the paperwork for peace of mind. We encourage booking clients to notify you, in advance, should they like additional forms signed, so you can read them before the day. We strongly recommend reading any documents the booking client wants you to sign.


If you have any more questions use the contact form to get in touch.

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