It's a model revolution!

MODL App revolutionises the modeling industry by bringing businesses and models closer together. The platform enables photographers, marketing managers or business owners to find and book models with no hassle and no agency fees. Find out more below:

1. A booking client outlines a modeling job on MODL.

This booking client might be the photographer for the shoot, the marketing director or someone from a production company. They specify the date, job details, the fee and the usage required as well as the model requirements (gender, age, height, skills, look, etc.)

How it works video

2. The client sees how many models on MODL match those requirements.

Clients then have the option to widen or narrow their search before sending an availability request to all models that fit the job description. Models are also filtered based on the minimum half and full day rate they have set.

3. Suitable models receive a push notification when their availability is requested.

Models can then see the job details, including the fee, and provide an instant availability response to the client.

4. Within minutes, clients can see which models are available for the job. 

This is the first time they will see the names, faces, statistics, reviews and MODL points of models.

model availability

5. The client then decides which model they would like to book. 

They also confirm which, if any, they would like to mark as an ‘option’. After a final ‘yes’ from the model, the job is confirmed and payment is made by the booking client. This pre-payment demonstrates that the client is the real deal whilst they enjoy a simple payment process.

6. The model and client refine all details about the shoot using the app.

This includes the exact times, locations and wardrobe requirements so everyone is clear about what is needed for the job.

refine selection

7. The model works the job and confirms their attendance by logging into the app.

This takes a snap shot of the model’s location. After the job is complete, the model can expect payment within 7 days and both the model and booking client leave a review for each other. These reviews help inform future bookers about the quality of the models and vice vera.


So, what are you waiting for?

All models are experienced and agency-signed,

ensuring you get the best possible outcome from your shoot.