MODL App enables clients to find, book and pay you for professional modelling work.

Exclusive to professional, agency-represented models.
Set your minimum day rate.
Free for models, forever.

Get paid within seven days as clients pay up front
with our seamless payment process.

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Make more money. Manage your time. Be a pro.
Your life now
  • You are paid months after completing a job
  • You receive availability checks without details of the job, the fee or an exact date and are left 'holding a date' indefinitely
  • You spend time managing multiple agencies
  • You attend 'request' castings with 100+ models in attendance
  • You consider taking direct bookings to cut out agents fees
  • Checking your emails multiple times per day
  • Poor job briefs – you take two suitcases worth of clothes and wear none of it
  • Some agencies charges you a 'web fee' or other shifty fees
Your amazing life with MODL
  • Get paid within 7 days of completing a job
  • Only jobs with specific dates, fees and details permitted. You are notified as soon as another model has been confirmed for a job
  • Optimise just one profile - MODL
  • Know exactly how many other models are attending
  • All bookers are verified and pay before you do the job
  • Get a push notification when your availability has been requested
  • Receive a detailed, specific brief before every job
  • No, zero, zilchos fees to the model, ever

Take control of your career

MODL app has been designed for models and businesses,
simplifying the process of booking models and 
saving money and hassle.

The app makes payment easier and more secure, 
whilst bookers save around 75% of the agency fee on every job.

Great for models
  • Detailed job information
  • Fast, secure payment guaranteed
  • Verified clients
  • Simple profile management
  • Efficient messaging service
Great for businesses
  • Simple booking process
  • Save 75% on fees
  • Fast model responses
  • Pick from professional models
  • Model rating system

Download the app now

and change your life.

Some of the professional models you'll find on MODL App